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How can James Roberts Coaching help?

  • Since starting personal coaching in 2016 we have been inspiring athletes to not only achieve their own personal goals, but gain confidence in their own abilities, and believe they can do it, no matter how hard the challenge.
  • From riding their first sportive, gaining fitness to enjoy club runs, achieving personal best times in time trials, and competing at World Masters level, all riders have made progress and achieved their own personal goals. Read some of our testimonials
  • By working with you on a weekly or monthly basis, coaching can be tailored to suit your work / life balance, offering a variety of coaching packages with one-to-one support, continuous feedback and advice, structure and motivation, and flexibility.
  • Offering a bike fit service and Baseline Testing, JRC can also support your personal development and training, by ensuring you get the most out of your rides, avoid long term injury, and monitor your progress more effectively.

Online Performance Tracking

James Roberts Coaching uses the very latest technology to help save you time and ensure the coaches get the data from your training in real time.  We are TrainingPeaks™ University qualified and use their online platform to track all of your activities. British Cycling Gold membership qualifies you for a 40% discount off Training Peaks athlete edition.

All Our Services

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Personal Training Plans

Adapted to your goals, with weekly and monthly plans to fit around your work / lifestyle.

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Baseline testing for all cycling disciplines

No matter your chosen cycling disciplines we provide baseline testing for to ensure you keep on track with your training programme.

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Diet & nutritional advice

Diet and nutritional advice for athletic performance and weight management.

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bike fit

Bike fit service

Optimise your performance with our bike fit service.

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Velodrome private coaching

Hire our accredited track coach at your private track session, ideal for clubs, groups or individual bookings.

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Read Leader Sessions

British Cycling Level 1 Breeze (ladies only) and Let's Ride qualified Ride Leader available for guided rides from novice to advanced riders.

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Personal Training Plans

Monthly and weekly training plans adapted to your needs

Weekly Training Plan

Why chose the weekly plan?

  • Designed to fit in with work / life  / bike balance
  • Plans designed and adapted 24/7
  • Makes the most of your available time to train
  • Provides regular feedback / support / advice
  • Includes Baseline testing to monitor your progress
  • Works towards a specific event or overall goal

Weekly Training plan features

  • Initial consultation
  • Annual training plan
  • Baseline testing
  • Bike fit (if required)
  • Online Weekly training plans using Training Peaks™
  • Regular feedback on training via Training Peaks™
  • Up to one hour personal communication per week
  • Ongoing adaptations to training
  • Reassessment every 3 months
  • Specific focus on the physical and technical demands of your goal

£120 pcm

Monthly Training Plan

Why chose the monthly plan?

  • Designed to fit in with work / life  / bike balance
  • Not sure what each day will offer you for time to train
  • Designed to allow you flexibility in your training schedule
  • Guidance on how to mix and match training sessions to fit in with your available time
  • Works towards a general goal and overall fitness

Monthly training plan features

  • Initial consultation
  • Annual training plan
  • Baseline Testing (additional cost)
  • Bike Fit Service (additional cost)
  • Online Individual monthly training plans using Training Peaks
  • Regular feedback on training via Training Peaks™
  • Up to one hour personal communication per month
  • Ongoing adaptions to training


£80 pcm

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No mater what level or discipline we can help you achieve your goals.

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