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Baseline testing

Base Line Testing From James Roberts Coaching

At James Roberts Coaching, we are able to carry out baseline testing on your particular cycling discipline.

Want to know what you Peak Power is, no problem or if you want to know your heart rate zones, we can carry out these for you, even if you choose not to be coached by us.

This service is available to you via both training plan packages, (included in Weekly Training Plan, additional extra in Monthly Training Plan).

Baseline testing is also available as a stand alone package. The Price is based on a 1 hour session. 

Why do I need baseline testing? 

  • To help you set your training zones so you can train effectively
  • To help monitor changes and progress in your fitness levels
  • To help monitor the effectiveness of your training plan

What I get from James Roberts Coaching Baseline Testing 

JRC will undertake the baseline testing specific to your event / discipline requirements. Baseline testing is included in the weekly training plans and is available as a stand-alone service.

Using Wattbike® technology, as used by British Cycling and many other sport disciplines, JRC can test and assess:


Your maximum power output over a 6 second period, ideal for sprinters


This 3 minute test will calculate your Maximum Minute Power (MMP) and Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), JRC can use this information to set personalised training zones and give more detailed structure to your training.


This 20 minute threshold test can be used to set personalised FTP training zones and give structure to your training. (Ideal for time trial athletes)

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