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Your lifestyle, your fitness, your strengths and weaknesses are unique and varied. At JR Coaching we pride ourselves on working with those variables, using your available time to train, programming a challenging bespoke yet achievable plan, allowing for change and adaptation on weekly and sometimes daily basis. Additional coaching support is also available for Nutrition Management and Strength & Conditioning as well as specific Race Skills and Junior/U23 Coaching.

BESPOKE COACHING Cycling coach cheshire


 For riders looking to:

  • Progress and compete at regional, national and international level
  • Train for a specific event or ride
  • Improve specific aspects of fitness.

With additional support and guidance on;

  • Race tactics
  • Recovery
  • Event preparation
  • Work/life/training balance
  • Mindset Management
  • Nutrition
  • S&C
  • Core Strength 

Further 1-1 Nutrition & S&C planning available on a flexible basis if required


£150 month

Junior Cycle COACHING Cycling coach cheshire


For Junior/U23 riders looking to;

Progress and compete at national & international level

Receive full support and guidance on all aspects of racing & training including;

  • Race tactics
  • Recovery
  • Study support & time management
  • Flexible planning
  • Mindset management
  • Nutrition guidance

 S&C plans & 1-1 assessment available


£150 month

Cycle training plans from JR Coaching


Take away packages are perfect for one off events or challenges.

Giving you the freedom to mix and match your sessions for a progressive build towards your final event.

From 3-6 months, or if you have a specific timeframe, we will design & create a takeaway plan that gets you event ready.

Built specifically around your available time to train, your work/life/bike balance, your takeway plan is unique and designed for your ride.


from £195

Bollington Bike Fit Testimonials

What clients say


Conal (Masters)

James wasn’t my first coach... I had a couple before.... and sadly wasn’t impressed and didn’t make progress.. they just didn’t know, understand or have any real interest in my personal aims and goals! James, however, is very different! He’s interested and he gets to know what motivates and works for you both on and off the bike...

James (Junior)

I couldn't recommend this world class coaching enough.
James is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable members of the cycling community I have ever met and his coaching has developed me leaps and bounds. He clearly puts all of what he has learnt from being a Great Britain Cycling Team coach and working with the nation's best into helping all of his athletes succeed at the highest level they possibly can.

Hope (Youth A)

James was my first coach, wasn't sure whether to go for it at first, but would definitely recommend it! He has been a great coach and is always available if you need to talk to him about anything. During the lockdown he has gone even further, giving up his time to offer us quality sessions. He doesn't just care about cycling either, he understands the other things that can affect performance. Would highly recommend!

David (parent of Junior Rider)

James has been working with my son for over a year. He took significant time to find the right person – looking across the north of England – before deciding to attend one of James’ residential coaching weekends. James’ approach has been to consider the whole individual, not just their ability in one area. My son has developed significantly over the past year as a result.

Anna (Youth/GBCT Apprentice)

I have worked with JR Coaching for the past year and have really seen some big improvements in my performance. I have a full strength and conditioning program, which matched my on bike training have seen my power increase by 22%. I was really proud to be selected to guest for GBCT Sprint Academy at the beginning of 2021.

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Why choose us?

Inspiration & Challenge

Being no stranger to challenge, James has a background in ski racing, and has been involved with cycling since his early teens, being inspired by many local, international legends to compete regionally & nationally, and more recently internationally at masters level (both cycling and skiing).

The passion for coaching began in 2015,  to inspire others to achieve their goals and dreams.

Got a question?



Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions.  If you don’t see the information you need please call us on 07949 587540 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your enquiries.

How many hours a week will I have to train?

The beauty of working with your coach is the ability to build your training around your time to train. Your training could be 5 hours a week upto 30 depending on your personal circumstances, your goals and your available time to commit to your plan.

Where do I log my training?

Training is prescribed via Training Peaks, an online portal (web and app), unique to you. You will have your own username and password to log in and view your prescribed training, upload the training completed, and provide feedback.

How much does coaching cost and how do I pay?

Your coaching package is determined by your goals and the level of support you are looking for. All coaching packages require a full 1-1 Consultation, Baseline Fitness Test & Set up which is £75 (one off payment). Details of all the Cycling Coaching options are on the coaching page on. Coaching is invoiced on a monthly basis, with the option to pay upfront. Contact Claire directly for details 07766 281223

Which coaching package is best for me?

Decide on the level of day to day contact you want with your coach and how much support you feel you may need within your training plan (Nutritional guidance, Strength & Conditioning support, race tactics etc). Contact us for an informal chat about the best options for you.

james roberts coaching

Coaching Services

Other Coaching Services

  • Bike Fit Services
  • Baseline Fitness Testing
  • Velodrome Coaching
  • Nutrition
  • S&C


We are experienced in offering Management Support services to all sports clubs and teams, delivering one day or weekend training camps, online or group workshops covering race skills, nutrition, S&C, progression through the British Cycling pathway, Training Plans and more.



JRC Shutt Ridley Race Team LogoJRC Ltd is proud to be the main sponsor and Team Management for National Cycling Race Team JRC Shutt Ridley RT, a Junior and U23 Development Team.


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Track is Back! From Thursday 15th April for 5 weeks.

All U18 accredited riders welcome.

Track endurance race skills
Limited places.
booking link in bio via Eventbrite #britishcycling #britishcyclingtalentdevelopment #coaching #youthsports #nextgeneration #progression #cyclinglife #ciclismo

Happy place... safety briefing, covid precautions, ride on!! @shrigleyhallhotel ...

Some late night, transatlantic coaching conferencing, every day is a school day. #coaching #coachinglife #cycling #triathlon #triathlete #personaldevelopment ...

Integrity and honesty. Two traits we value above and beyond all others when we build our client/coach relationships.

As coaches, we are always listening, learning and developing ourselves. Building on existing qualifications, looking for areas to develop and recognising when we need to look outside our own resources.

Whilst £ doesn’t make the perfect coach or personal trainer, our investment into our time and personal development is continuous, looking for the best courses and providers to enhance our services.

Need to check a qualification? You’ll find Coach James on the British cycling coaches directory, or visit our website to find out a little more about who we are #integrity #honesty #cycling #britishcycling #coachinglife

What else would@you do on a very windy and damp Saturday? Massive thanks to @shrigleyhallhotel for the loan of the carpark. #trainingmotivation #youthdevelopment #talentdevelopment #olympicdreams ...

We are super excited to welcome Lily Brindle to JR Coaching, an amazing strong endurance rider, with ambitions of riding at world tour level. Coming from a successful BMX background, Lily is a focussed, dedicated, and passionate young lady, clearly determined to progress and we can’t wait to work with her on this journey towards her goals. #cyclinggoals #cycling #thisgirlcan #cyclinglife #ciclismo #cyclecoaching #talent ...

It sometimes just takes one session, one moment, to remember how amazing you are. This young lady can and will be back on her TT bike by the end of the year, following a few difficult years away from her bike for various reasons. Working with Claire on balancing nutrition around working from home and training, off bike core strength development and a bespoke weekly training plan to ensure she doesn’t fall back into old habits of doing too much too soon, the fitness, strength and weight management is all coming together to produce one committed athlete. It’s in there somewhere, for everyone. Your spark, your moment that makes you remember you can do it! INSPIRE CHALLENGE ACHIEVE #thesegirlscan #womeninspiringwomen #cycling #cyclecoaching #personaltrainer #nutrition #balance #lifebehindbars #timetrialbike ...

Congratulations to Lola Ellis and Anna Whitworth Hay, in their selection to guest with the Great Britain Cycling Team Apprentice program for 2021.

Anna will be working on the Sprint Program, having displayed some outstanding sprint qualities and skills throughout 2020, and Lola will be developing her already strong endurance talents, with both riders having stuck to their training and development plans in 2020, as well as attending RSR sessions, and showing both on and off bike commitment throughout then difficult year that was 2020.

We are super proud of you both and look forward to your next stages of development through GBCT.

James & Claire
#greatbritaincyclingteam #britishcyclingtalentdevelopment #thesegirlscan #

Welcome @holl_james to James Roberts coaching Ltd. Here’s what Holly had to say about choosing us as a coaching company. “I chose James Roberts Coaching because I wanted to maximise my potential and push my boundaries. The level of coaching provided is high quality and constructive to enable you to tweak any areas that require improvement.

I want to ride at the highest level I can and really learn a lot from everyone around me being new to the sport. I want to work hard for myself and my team!

I’m looking forward to being able to do my first race and make some new friends in the sport”.
#sprint #strength #power #thisgirlcan


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