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Cycling disciplines: Time trialling

An Awesome 2017 Time Trial Season with JRC
After an initial stab at time trialling in 2016 I was keen to achieve some specific goals in 2017. However I was struggling to get my training going and then after a long Christmas break followed by a 4 week holiday I found myself at the end of January quite unfit and panicking as to how I was going to get myself where I needed to be by April.  Trainer Road was a very long programme which I didn’t have time to complete and the sessions didn’t always fit in with my busy work schedule and gym work.  I needed something tailored specifically to me…
Thats when I started training with JRC. Straight away I felt motivated as I started to receive my weekly training plans.  Some of the sessions were really tough but I loved the fact they were varied and specifically tailored to my needs and the time I had available to train each week.  I saw myself starting to progress and started to feel more confident I could get where I needed to be by April.
The season started and straight away I was getting PBs.  I continued to progress throughout the season and was so pleased with my progress. JRC supported me really well, taking on board all the feedback I provided from every training session and race and tailoring my training and giving support and advice to help me.  We worked on warm up routines too and race preparation etc. 
I achieved so much during the season, with my particular highlights being:
  • A PB on every 10mile and 25mile TT course!
  • An all time 10mile PB of 24:15! (Nearly 25mph average speed!)
  • Taking my cycling club record for the fastest 10mile time trial for the ladies!
  • Completing my first ever 50mile TT (on the hottest day of the year, 30 degrees heat!) in 2hrs 33
  • Completing every event in the Manchester and District Ladies League
It was an awesome season where I learnt so much, progressed significantly and achieved everything I set out to achieve and more!  
I’m looking forward to setting my next season goals now.  I’ll have more time this year to train through the winter and am confident that by working with JRC I can continue to progress and go on to achieve my next goals in 2018.


Cycling disciplines: General Fitness and Endurance

So it all started for me in October 2016. After an on/off summer and struggling with my weight, I was determined to get some good winter training in and needed to do some long steady rides. Unfortunately that is when the trouble started, the colds came one after the other, so most of the winter months were spent on the bike and off it. I had a word with James and we agreed to set up a plan, building up to my overall goal of being able to ride like a grand tour rider, riding over a period of a few weeks, not just an odd day or sportive.

So I set about riding at level 1 for 8 weeks  (it nearly killed me ) to kick start my base training, whilst we also tackled the weight problems and management of my type 2 diabetes. We worked on a low carb diet  ( known as the keto diet plan ), alongside the training sessions.

After the 8 weeks I started to do more hours on the bike riding most morning rides fasted with only water to drink  (no more gels or carbo drinks) and the weight started to come off and I was able to ride longer and harder, and my overall fitness imporved greatly.

It all came together with a Audax 200 km ride, even though I had a few problems along the way I stuck with it and rose to the challenge. 

Now I can go in the supermarket and some people don’t recognise me! So after a short break its now down to the gym to do some  strength training /running, some long hours in the saddle and work on the project for 2018 which is to ride the highland 500, so it’s onward and upward and all with the help of James Roberts Coaching, thanks James.


Cycling disciplines: Endurance riding

Why did you feel the need to challenge yourself and work with a coach and have a personal training programme?
I had finished my degree at university and wanted to use the time wisely rather than doing nothing or non-structured cycling. I also had thought about cycling some long distances over multiple days and felt I needed the guidance to pursue that effort to reality. By having the personal training programme, it makes me personally feel I should do the work outs even if I am feeling lazy as it has been set for me to complete.

Where were you before you started working with JRC and where do you think you are now?
Before working with JRC I feel I was at a level where I could enjoy social rides, keeping the speed
steady, but not very good at climbing! Since working with JRC, my fitness has increased massively
such that I can go on a steady social ride but the speed is much higher than it used to be and I can also climb hills much stronger than before and with much more confidence.

Where do you want to be this time next year (or at some point in the future?)
This time next year, I would like to be able to climb hills more efficiently than in 2017. Also, looking further into the future I would like to have a look at the Track cycling and explore the options available there. In addition to that, I would like to cycle Lands End  John O’Groats before 2020, so I would like to build up to that over the next few years with the help of JRC..

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