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Protein – how much?

Protein – how much?

Often referred to as the building blocks for our bodies, protein provides us with all the ingredients our body needs to repair, recover and grow. Within sports performance, this becomes even more important as muscles are...

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Stick with the plan

Stick with the plan

Sometimes it seems as if the training is not beneficial, 'not working', monotonous. Remind yourself of the goal. Is your goal to be in peak form at Christmas? Is your goal to compete at National Level races in January 2021? What you are doing now (often 6 months prior...

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The Cyclist’s Core

The Cyclist’s Core

Do you think 'six-pack' when talking about the core? Think again, strengthening the core (Abs, Glutes and Back) can add some serious targeted strength to your body, translating into performance gains on the bike - better climbing, resistance to fatigue, less neck,...

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***Coaching journeys***

First year Junior Beth

➡️ 2nd cat in less than 8 weeks
➡️ podiums in senior womens 3/4
➡️ peleton finish in UCI Nations cup JW Gent Wevelgem.

It’s not often we get chance to talk about our individual journeys with riders. We are too busy actually being on that journey and never think to talk about it!

Working with young riders, has its share of ups and downs, and our biggest role is to support and carry them through those tougher times.

When we started our coaching journey with new Junior rider Beth last year, we weren’t just taking on a coaching role from youth to junior transition, we were engaging with a young athlete who was massively eager to learn, to find out her strengths and weaknesses, to try new things, to be challenged and to question, engage and make the coaching partnership exactly that, a partnership. It’s not them and us! Ever.

Working through a solid, and we mean solid, block of winter training, including the usual bout of covid, school pressures and Welsh weather conditions, this young lady came into her first year at Junior taking on senior womens racing, Junior Nationals and even stepping up to a UCI nations cup! All before Easter.

The result? In less than 8 weeks gaining her 2nd cat license, finishing in the main peleton of the Gent Wevelgem, and taking podiums across senior womens crits.

What’s next?

We continue to find out what those limits are, how they can be raised and where those strengths can be taken over the next 2 years before turning u23, and keep a big smile 😊 going at the end of every bike ride or gym session!


You want it? Go and get it!!

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Not quite lands end to John O’Groats this weekend but close at 766 miles traveled, but what an epic@few days. Senior National Track champs, @saintpiranwomen team launch and Primavera RR ✅ fab time and great to be part of all of it. ...

Quietly building up over the winter and then opening up in today’s energy sapping Perfs RR. Massive kudos to junior Dylan for his commitment over the last few months to his on and off bike training, recovery, nutrition and general positive attitude to balancing life/bike/studies.

Held his own today and only taken out by a double puncture 👊

Plenty more to come, bring it on! Well done @dhumberkelly 📷 @veloukwebsite

A superb sprint off the front of the bunch to take a well deserved 2nd place for coached rider and first year Junior @bethany.bennett05 in the womens 3/4 promoted by this weekend

Unfazed by the jump from
Youth to junior & senior racing Beth is growing in confidence and working hard through this winter ready to take on the best this season! Chapeau Beth👏 👏 #womeninsport #cycling #jrcinterflon

It was just a start, but if we gave everyone on the day at least 1 new learning point to take away into their 2022 race season, it was a good day. The main takeaway for the day was confidence.

Being thrown into a mass race environment of fast moving close passing vehicles, hazards, noise - constant beeping when cars are communicating, is not something riders experience everyday.

Already planning the next day, much more still to cover, if anyone would like to be involved to help with the planning and delivery please get in touch. It’s for the riders.

Thanks again to all the teams, riders, neutral service and parents for the day.

#education #development #cycleracing #riderdevelopment

Sometimes the year doesn’t go to plan, life gets in the way, factors that are out of your control take over. That’s when the real qualities of strength, determination and commitment really start to shine, when life doesn’t deal the cards you expected.

This young lady has had her fair share of life’s ups and downs this last year, but through it all one thing has remained consistent: a 😊 smile.

A smile at the end of a zoom call.
A smile at the end of a tough race.
A smile after more than one mechanical! Don’t ask….

And always a positive outlook, looking forwards, never back.
Cant wait for 2022… new goals; new challenges but hopefully no more mechanicals!!

#itsyourride #coachinglife #athletefocus #thisgirlcan

Nice to be back! Having set some specific event and racing goals for one of our athletes it was brilliant to see them in action, and surpassed! Well done Tom, super proud!

Although your long term plan stays in place having small, micro goals is key for personal motivation and also personal satisfaction. Who doesn’t want that oh yeah feeling every week!? Cmon! #feelgood #feelproud #itsyourride

Cracking shot of Tom Moody @t.e.moody in this weekends epic Monsal HC, giving a full send 💯 with the full support of his team mates and friends. Tom has thrown himself into racing this year, being relatively new to competitive road/crit events and has listened, learnt and made massive steps in both confidence and performance on and off the bike! Super proud of you Tom! #teammates #jrcshuttridleyrt #monsal #hillclimbracing #fullsend 📷 @traxphotos1 ...

Long day, couldn’t have done our first day at the races without our team of helpers and team partners. You know who you are. Great day and awesome racing. Just checking out the photos but these made me smile. @clairewhitworth_jrc @jrc_shutt_ridley @nr6cyclinguk @veloforte @salice_uk @matlock_cycling_club @shuttvelorapide @bollingtonbikefit @superfeeteu ...