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Baseline fitness testing

Why do I need baseline testing? 

  • To help you set your training zones so you can train effectively
  • To help monitor changes and progress in your fitness levels
  • To help monitor the effectiveness of your training plan
  • To know your physical capabilities during performance

What can I expect during the test session?

The Baseline test takes around 2 hours on a Wattbike, during which you will ride four specific tests designed to push you to and beyond your limits.

Before the session make sure you have fuelled your body approximately 2-3 hours prior to arrival, bring some snacks and a water bottle along with your ususal cycling clothing (shorts/top), cycling shoes and a heart rate monitor (can be provided).

What data will the Baseline test provide me?

Your Functional Threshold Heartrate (Your ‘hour’ pace)

Your Functional Threshold Power (your sustainable power output for approx. one hour)

Your Peak Power Output (your explosive power – such as sprinting, fighting for the finish line)

Your Maximum Minute Power (your power when attacking or accerating away)

How can I book a session?

This service is available to you via both training plan packages (included in Weekly Training Plan, additional extra in Monthly Training Plan) and also as a stand alone purchase.

Visit the SHOP to book or call 07949 587540 and speak to James or Claire to talk about your training requirements.


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