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1-2-1 Bespoke Coaching designed and planned for you


Riding the same miles (Junk miles), the same speeds and not seeing any progress? RIding hard but not getting fitter? Your training needs structure and inspiration! When you have a goal you want to achieve, you need a plan that’s achievable and designed just for you! From Sportive to World Masters, club rider to triathlete we can design a plan to inspire yout to get on the road to achieving your goal.



‘What doesn’t challenge you does’t change you’ If you are prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone, take on new challenges, try something new then you will start to see the benefit of a tailored training plan, designed around your work / life / bike balance, and progress towards your end goal. Pushing your limits, maximising your available time and focussing your energy will help to keep you on your training path.


However small, you will achieve different goals throughout your training with us. Be it overcoming your fear of climbing hills, pinning a number on your back for the first time, or simply finding the fitness you lost, by giving you the confidence you need with specific training sessions that focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your abilities you will make progress and achieve your goals.

How do I know which coaching package to choose? 

£80 per month

Struggling with work/life/bike balance? Finding it hard to train effectively? Want to improve your all round fitness and enjoy your riding? Then our £80pm Coaching package can get you on the road to achieving your goal. With structured, tailored planning around your available time, with easily adaptable sessions for you to mix and match, you will soon find your form improving. Whatever your discipline or strengths and weaknesses, we can work on the areas you want to improve and target your training accordingly.

£125 per month

Training for a specific event? Time-trial speed not increasing? Need some strength to climb hills? With a background in track and road racing at National, International and World masters level, both James and Claire understand the demands of training for a specific goal and working out of your comfort zone to achieve results. If you need weekly support, advice and guidance for a specific discipline or event then our our top Coaching Package is for you. Call us to discuss your training requirements, we’re here to help.

  £80 £125
•Initial consultation and introduction £45 yes
•Annual training plan yes yes
•Baseline testing to set training zones/monitor progress yes yes
•Online Bespoke Weekly training plans using Training Peaks™ Basic Premium
•Rider/Coach Feedback on training via Training Peaks™ yes yes
•Access to coaching support via text/email/wattsapp limited unlimited
•Weekly review via phone call yes yes
•Adaptations to training plans 2 per month unlimited
•Reassessment every 3 months yes yes
•Annual Review yes yes
•Training Plans tailored to event/discipline demands yes yes
•Event/Discipline guidance and advice   yes
•Bespoke pre-race warm up and event preparation   yes
•Standard S & C Training Plan   yes
•Nutrition guidance/advice/support   yes
•Mind-set Support   yes
Price per Month £80 £125

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