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Our commitment to you

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Our JRC Youth and Junior Coaching Packages are designed and built to help young riders use their existing training and racing sessions to build a more challenging and prescribed training plan. 

The plans will focus and develop their talent whilst still fostering their love and passion for the sport. All coaching plans will challenge and push riders to develop their strengths and weaknesses, whilst ensuring sessions are flexible and fun and designed exclusively for each individual rider.

How can we help?

  • The most important aspect of your training should be enjoyment. Our primary goal is to ensure you still have the desire to want to train in 10 years time.
  • Our Youth and Junior  Coaching packages take into account your age and any educational commitments you may have whilst still aspiring to develop, challenge and progress your cycling performance.
  • We will always be honest with our feedback and if we feel you are not on track for a short, or longer term goal, we will let you know and more importantly, find a way to get you back on track.

What will my training plan look like?

  • Your existing riding schedule such as club rides / chain-gangs / local time-trials / local track leagues and any other sessions such as BC Development Centre Sessions (CCT) should still be part of your coaching plan – if you enjoy it, then do it!
  • As a young rider, we know and understand the importance of riding for fun and to this end, we will develop short and long term training and racing goals. Age and physical maturity will be taken into account to ensure your goals are exclusive to you and achievable. 

How will my training plan work?

  • You will be able to feedback to your coach on a daily basis and vice-versa. This feedback includes important training and racing factors such as your current fatigue levels, your sleep quality, your general mood and any other factors that may affect your training and racing schedule (exam pressure, physiological changes etc).
  • Your plans are built around your time constraints (such as school) and your annual race programme. In the event of illness, change of race schedule or other commitments your plans can be changed on a daily basis.
 James Roberts Coaching offers 2 Coaching packages for youth and junior riders, planned weekly with regular contact and reviews. All training plans are designed to develop your existing passion and love for the sport.


Our Inspire Coaching Package will provide you with a balanced and fun training plan designed to fit in with your education, training and life demands. Existing training and riding can be included and your coach will help you gain the most out of your available time to train, giving you more focus, more challenge and the ability to achieve both short and long term goals during the year.


In addition to the Inspire Coaching Package, through the Podium package you will receive unlimited support and access to your coach on a weekly basis, including event/trackside support at races and training. We can also offer support and advice on nutrition (for training and racing) as well as mind-set support and access to additional services such as Strength & Conditioning programmes.


  Inspire Podium
Initial consultation and Introduction to JRC yes yes
Annual training plan yes yes
Short and Long Term training and racing goals yes yes
Online Bespoke Weekly training plans using Training Peaks™ basic premium
Rider/Coach Feedback on training via Training Peaks yes yes
Access to coaching support via text/email/wattsapp limited Unlimited
Weekly review via phone call yes yes
Adaptations to training plans 4 per month unlimited
Reassessment every 3 months yes yes
Annual Review yes yes
Training Plans tailored to event/discipline demands yes yes
Event/Discipline guidance and advice yes yes
Bespoke pre-race warm up and event preparation yes yes
Event/Trackside support   yes
Mind-set Support   yes

Nutrition support/advice

Access to discounted S&C services /S&C plans   yes
Access to discounted services and products through JRC Ltd   yes
Access to discounted online Training Workshops   yes
Price per month £80 £125
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